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Shoulder and Elbow Procedures
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A large proportion of upper limb trauma if simply left alone would heal quietly with a good outcome. On occasion it may not heal with bone but with scar tissue (fibrous non union) and the scar tissue may be strong enough to allow good function of the arm.

On occasion to achieve optimal function it may require a more aggressive approach and surgery. With modern anaesthetic techniques and modern surgical implants it is possible to operate on and fix most fractures. However all surgery carries with it risk of complications, often infrequent but when they occur the consequences could be disastrous.

The art of medicine is knowing when to be more conservative and allow a fracture to heal on its own and when a more aggressive surgical approach is needed. The same fracture may be treated in different ways for different patients.

Arthroscopic surgery also referred to as key hole surgery is where small incisions are made around the shoulder/ elbow and are used as key holes (windows) to insert a fibreoptic scope camera and various instruments. The benefits apart from a more cosmetic scar/ appearance include faster rehabilitation and less post operative pain as less muscle and soft tissue is injured in getting into the shoulder.

Not all shoulder and elbow problems/ conditions are amenable to arthroscopic surgery and two different patients with the same condition may be best treated one arthroscopically and one open depending on their own individual needs.

The following consultants specialise in shoulder and elbow procedures: Mr Graham Tytherleigh-Strong and Mr Lee Van Rensburg.

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